Gründerdrømmen fra Syria til Asker

Gründercase for Januar 2020

Viken Space ønsker å fremme gründerne som hører til gründermiljøet som hører til i drengsrudhagen 6. Først ut er Al Khaansa Al Khalil fra Little Village Quiet Books.

Al Khaansa har vært en del av Viken Space miljøet siden mai 2019. Som seriegründer fra Irak, skal hun gjennom sin nye forretningsidé utvikle interaktive barnebøker - ved bruk av 3D printer og laserkutter på Viken Space.



Navn: Al Khaansa Al Khalil

Bedrift: Little Village Quiet Books Alder: 40 år Status: Gift, 3 barn Nasjonalitet: Syria Bosatt: Asker



Can you tell us briefly what Little Village Quiet Books is?

We will create a product capturing child’s attention and at the same time, a toy that would be more than just good-looking. 

What projects are you working on in the future?

Quiet book which is one of the most popular felt toys for babies created for fun and early learning. Felt book will help to develop different fine motor skills. It´s great for learning numbers, sizes, shapes, colors and different type of materials. It is considered as one of the best travel toys for kids in the car or on the plane, at doctor´s visit or at church. Books are suitable for children older than 1 year, providing them with a strong foundation for kindergarten or even for school.

You have a really exciting background. Can you tell little about what you did before you started Little Village Quite Books? What did you work on in Syria and Iraq?

In my last six years which I had in north of Iraq, I established a private kindergarten, its name is Kurdistan Little Village, and I own and manage it online till today depending on a good pedagogical team there. Today, Kurdistan Little Village is considered as one of the best five kindergartens and nurseries in Iraq. You could visit our page on Facebook whereas we have more than 85.000 followers:

At K.L.V we believe that children are naturally creative and that their imagination has no boundaries. Before 2013, I had my private business in Syria which was specialized in E-mail Marketing Campaigns. I had more than 2000 customers from different sectors.

How is it to start your own business in Norway / Asker?

This is not the first time to start a business in my life, I already had two successful experiences. So, to start a business in country like Norway it will not be easy but at the same time will not be difficult. It is a challenge and I like to try new things and try to keep growing.

Your biggest challenge is starting your own company?

The rules! There are a lot of rules. I should know about all details in procedures and rules here in Norway. 


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